South Essex Model Aircraft Society.

Revised  January 2005


Rules of Membership


It has always been the policy of the South Essex Model Aircraft Society that restrictive rules should be kept to a minimum. The sole aim of this document is to provide guidance for the protection of  SEMAS and its membership and maintain our activities as an enjoyable and safe sport.


SEMAS is affiliated to the BMFA and shall be governed by the general principles as set out under BMFA rules for the safety of both club members and the public.  It is not the intention of this set of rules to conflict with or alter any edict of the BMFA.


Dick Stephens  (Chairman)


1  Club Membership shall run from the 1st January to 31st December in any one year.
2   All members shall carry BMFA Third Party Liability Insurance.
3 A visitor invited to fly by a SEMAS member must hold a minimum of Third Party cover.
4 As the membership fee includes BMFA insurance, no member will be eligible to fly until the membership fee is paid.
5 No member may fly an internal combustion engined aircraft alone.
6 One marshal to act as Flight-line Director, regardless of the number of pilots on the flight-line.  Maximum of six pilots at any one time.  One marshal to act as Spectator Control / Lookout on all paths.
7 Members are to observe allowed flying zones. This is to maintain public safety and minimise noise nuisance. Persistent contravention may result in the grounding of the offending club member. A site plan of the Two-Tree Island flying zone will be  displayed in the club caravan.
8 Any member of the Committee or a minimum of 3 Senior Members are empowered to ground a member or his aircraft should either be  considered a safety or noise hazard.
9 Only after a Club meeting can a member be permanently censured for a ' demeanour considered prejudicial to the club and fellow members’.
10 When flying at Two-Tree Island  it should be borne in  mind that low flying full size aircraft use the airspace. All high-flying model aircraft must be flown away from the flight path of its full size counterpart.

No radio transmitter shall be switched on unless the user is in possession of the numbered peg or photo-card  denoting the crystal  number in the transmitter. Identification of the frequency would be assisted if a numbered pennant is fixed at the top of  the aerial.  Failure to comply with this basic rule will be considered to be an act of gross irresponsibility and an  offender  may be treated accordingly, probably at their financial cost if another flyer is “shot down”.

12 Two Tree Island is a shared facility and SEMAS members have equal rights with flyers of other clubs when using this  site.  All those flying at Two-Tree Island must use the shared peg-board or photo-card board.
13 The activity of Pylon Racing or the flying of Pylon Racers is prohibited.
14 An Accident Book will be kept in the caravan for inspection at any time.
15 All newly constructed aircraft must be inspected by an experienced B qualified pilot.

An AGM will be held in November of each year when voting shall take place for committee membership. The elected Committee shall put into practice the views and majority decisions made by the Members, and it is therefore important that all members should, if possible, attend this meeting.


It is the responsibility of the Committee to represent SEMAS with outside parties, set subscription fees and discuss matters arising that may affect both SEMAS and the membership.  Matters affecting the constitution of the club and its activities shall be put before the membership for ratification and must be passed by a majority vote.


In the event that members do not attend a meeting or refrain from voting, then a motion shall be decided by votes cast by the remaining membership, (no quorum has been set).