South Essex Model Aircraft Society.

Revised Constitution Dated 16th January 2005


1   Name
    The Organisation is known as The South Essex Model Aircraft Society. It is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association, a member of the Sports Council of England.  It is also a joint member of the Leigh Marshes Association with Southend Radio Flying Club to ensure maintenance of the flying field.
2   Objects.
    The objects of the Society are to promote and encourage all aspects of model aircraft engineering and flying. The Society may affiliate or associate with any other bodies as may from time to time appear desirable to the Committee.
3   Membership.
    Membership is open to every member of society, regardless of race, colour or creed.
                   Ordinary Members.                      Senior members over the age of eighteen years.
                                                                            Junior members over the age of fourteen years
                                                                           Persons under fourteen years may be admitted at the Junior rate if sponsored by  a  Senior  Member. 
                  Honorary Members.                     Persons whom the Committee considers could bring a particular interest to the  Society  
4   Insurance. 
    All Members must be insured against third-party liability before they can fly any model aircraft at any of the Club’s sites.
5   Subscriptions.
    The annual subscription (which includes BMFA Third-Party Insurance) shall be as follows, or as varied by agreement of Members at the Annual General Meeting for the Club portion and BMFA edicts for the Insurance portion.
                     Ordinary Members.                                Junior                          Senior                         Unwaged/OAP

                                                                  £30.00                          £75.00                              £70.00




Honorary Members only pay the BMFA Insurance contribution.  If they are already insured they pay nothing further.

    Subscriptions are due on January 1st of each year or on joining the Society.  They are for one year or part thereof expiring on 31st December.  Members joining after 1st September will only pay 50% of the Club Membership portion of the above rates for the remainder of the year. 


5   Subscriptions (Continued)
    The Subscription will be set annually by the Committee and agreed by the Members at the AGM or other   Special General Meeting called for the purpose.

Any Member whose subscription is not paid by the 1st January is expressly forbidden to fly and will  Automatically cease to be a member after 1st March.


Payment of the whole of the appropriate subscription to the proper Officer of the Committee will be  Receipted.  A properly signed and dated receipt from the Society’s Treasurer will be regarded as proof by the Club that the Member is fully paid up and insured to fly before the full documentation is received from  the BMFA.

6   Organisation and Management.
    The Management of the Society is vested in an Annual  (or Special) General Meeting and an Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) of the Society.
  a The Annual General Meeting.
    The Annual General Meeting will be held in November of each year or at such time as the Committee, with the agreement of the Members may fix.  The AGM will receive reports from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, including a Statement of Account and shall be the sole determining body for the Policy of the Society for the following year.
    It shall elect the Executive Committee and the Honorary Auditor for the following year.
    Voting on all issues will be by a show of hands, except when a ballot of the meeting is demanded before the question is put.  Honorary Members may attend the meeting and take part in the debate, but may not vote.
  b Special General Meeting.
    A Special General Meeting may be held at any time.  It can be called by the Committee or on the written request of any Senior Member supported with the signatures of ten Senior Members. It must be called by the Secretary within twenty-one days of a supported written request being received.
    The Notice convening the Annual or Special General Meeting must be circulated to all Members at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting.
  c The Executive Committee.
    The Executive Committee shall consist of seven Senior Officers:
    Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary / Treasurer / Membership Secretary, Events / Competition Secretary, Trustee and two Leigh Marshes Association Field Representatives
    All Executive Committee Members shall have been SEMAS Members for the past twelve months or longer.
    All positions on the Executive Committee will fall vacant at the Annual General Meeting, and be filled by elected Members, either from Members of the existing Committee, or other Senior Members who have been duly proposed and seconded by Members.  In the event of a competition for a vacant position, an election will be held by a show of hands of Members attending the Meeting.
    The Committee can co-opt other Members representing groups or interests within the Society.  Co-opted Members may attend all meetings of the Executive Committee and contribute on matters affecting their interests, but may not vote.
    The Committee shall conduct the business of the Society in accordance with the objects of the Society and the instructions of the Annual General Meeting.
  c  The Executive Committee (Continued)
    The Committee has the authority to refuse membership to any person without explanation. It also has the authority  to expel any Member for what it considers to be gross or persistent  misconduct.  This would, typically, be after a process involving (a) an informal warning by the Club Members (b) a formal warning by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman and (c) a written  warning  following a disciplinary hearing at a Committee Meeting.
    The Committee shall also represent the Club in joint dealings with the Southend Radio Flying  Club  through their joint membership of the Leigh Marshes Association, but will refer any  financial matters resulting from these dealings to the Members at the next available club meeting.
    The Secretary shall keep Minutes of all Committee Meetings in a book provided for that  purpose.
    Any Member of the Committee who fails to attend three successive meetings of the Committee,  without reasonable excuse, shall cease to be a Member of the Committee.
7   Finance.
    The Financial Year of the Society is from 1st January  to 31st December.
    The Society’s funds will be deposited at the NatWest Bank.
    Two signatories must sign all Society cheques.
    The funds of the Society are vested in the Treasurer and administered with the requirements of the Annual  or Special General Meetings, and at the discretion of the Committee.
    The accounts will be audited annually by a Senior Member of the Society, who is not a Member of the  Committee, and who is appointed at the Annual or Special General Meeting.
    The Society’s books ill be available for inspection at every Meeting of the Society, and a Statement of  Accounts supported by the most recent Bank Statement ill be presented at every meeting of the Executive Committee.
     In the event of the termination of the Society, the Treasurer will disburse any funds on instructions from a  majority of those attending a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose of winding-up the Society’s affairs.
8   General.
    All property, equipment and trophies held by the Society are vested in the Committee.  Any Member wilfully damaging any property of the Society will be required to replace it, and may be asked to resign.
    Members will conduct themselves at all times when on the Society’s premises or business in accordance with the Society’s Rules and Codes of Conduct of the BMFA.
    New Members flights will be in association with a BMFA Examiner.
    In the case of misconduct, fraud or intentional breach of the Society’s Rules, the Committee shall have the power to take such action as it deems necessary in the Society’s interests.
9   Alteration of Constitution.
    No part of this Constitution, or the Rules contained within it may be altered save at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose, when the alterations will require a majority of those present and entitled to vote.
10   Decisions taken by the Committee.
    The Committee may make decisions only in extenuating circumstances eg. Time constraints.