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New Members Pack

The new Members pack is now available on the SEMAS Club page.  Please take your time to read this document, it will help make Two Tree Island a safer place and make your flying more enjoyable.
Thanks to Ron Circus and Richard Windell for developing the pack.

ALL flyers MUST use the peg board, this includes people on 2.4ghz.  This is for safety reasons, it keeps you in the habit of using the board just in case you ever use a 35 Mhz unit again.  Also, Membership cards MUST be used.  If you have not got a card or you have lost yours please email the Webmaster with your Name, qualifications and a JPG of your face, (passport style), I will then forward it to John.

No member is allowed on the flightline unless they either hold at least an "A" for that aircraft or is under instruction by an Instructor / Examiner / Authorised person.


New cutter blades now fitted and is cutting a dream, look at the smile on that little face.

The LMA has purchased a new Company Car for Langy.

Well, not quite new, it is 7 years old 2001, (not 70 like the last one) and is an ex Highways machine.  Both clubs along with the LMA raised the money to buy this machine, we needed to fit new cutter bars to the bottom of the cylinders and a couple of other little jobs but other than that it is perfect for our field and gets the thumbs up from Langy.  Why Langy you may ask?  Who is he?  This is the guy that donates his time every Friday to cut the grass along with Ron Circus !!!  So next time you are down there taking off from the perfect runway give them a pat on the back.  For those of you that thought we had "Magic" short grass we apologise for shattering your dreams.
Many thanks to the team that not only found the mower but also all those that have spent time getting this machine up and running.  Special thanks go out to Ron, Dick, Tim, Steve and Richard.

REMEMBER, if you crash on the field please pick up your debris as these bits can / will damage our blades.



Please remember to tidy up the field before you leave as the litter is becoming a problem again.

There is now an "In Memory" page on this site, just follow the R.I.P. button on the left
Let's hope we don't add any more to it but use it to remember those friends we have lost.

Another good Fun Day was had at Two Tree Island despite the weather.
Many thanks to Leslie, Tracy, Spike and Dave for the excellent BBQ And a special thanks to Dick for organizing the day. Link to the photo gallery is on the left.


Dear Members

2.4ghz .   With the advent of plug in RF Modules and Spectrum DX7 it has been decided by both clubs using Two Tree, that pilots should not get out of the habit of using the photo Peg Board. For example changing from a 2.4 trans. to a 35mhz trans. or changing modules (when they arrive in the UK) is fraught with danger and could lead to an accident or at least an expensive cost to the person switching on without a peg!

To alleviate this, your photo card should be placed on the strip marked up 2.4 when using Spectrum or any of the RF modules using 2.4. THIS IS MANDATORY and will be inserted in the club rules.

Another point on safety is the distance pilots are flying in the proximity of the flight line, NO AIRCRAFT SHOULD BE FLYING CLOSER THAN 30ft TO THE FLIGHT LINE. (About half way to the runway).
Heli's are to be walked out a safe distance and fixed wing must not take off passed other fliers aerials.

Please ensure lock numbers are scrambled.
Have great fun flying the warmer weather is coming.



New Weather site added to the Weather page.  A local station on Canvey Island that is only 2 miles (as the plane flies) from Two Tree Island.  Find it at