The AGM was held on Thurs 23rd Nov at the Ship Inn Old Leigh at 8pm.  There have been no changes to the SEMAS or LMA committee's.

We are going through a difficult time at the moment whereby a lot of people are looking at our activities i.e. Council, Essex Wildlife Trust, Boat Yard and the general public.   To this end all Club Rules must be obeyed, especially- safety stewards- airspace- and cleanliness of the site.  anyone blatantly disregards your rules you could lose your right to fly at Two Tree.


Another great day was had by all on the Fun Day.  Thanks to all those that made the event go so well.
If anyone has some good shots please forward them to the Webmaster and they will get added to the gallery.

The container arrived Wednesday morning 3/5/06.  Keys will be available to SEMAS members only for a returnable deposit of 6:50 each.  Please contact Dick for your  key. (Keys are high security and cannot be copied).

An E.G.M. Meeting was held on Tues 25th April at the Boat Club.

It was agreed to buy a container as a clubhouse. Dick to arrange purchase.  It was also agreed that Spike sources railway sleepers as a base and Les Collinson to supply timber for carpentry work on door and window.  All members who use the club house will be expected to purchase a key which will be refundable on surrender.  Mick Burrell is to investigate refurbishing the runway at a cost of 2000.  Markie & Daryl to produce  memberships card for all current members. Volunteers will be required to dismantle and remove old caravan.   WATCH THIS SITE


New tables
We now have 4 new tables compliments of the LMA.  They are 9' x 3'.
When it's busy please be mindful of other members when you use them (it is not "1 table 1 member !!! )
They are designed to accommodate 3 to 4 people per table at busy times.
Thanks to all those that helped with the construction.

New entry to SAFETY page.

Shockie meets :- Next meetings are 17th Feb, 31 March & 28 April 2006.  10 per person.

If any member has sent their Fee's to Mike Ronan could you please contact Dick Stevens or Spike Millgate.  If you have renewed and have not received your membership card please contact Spike.

Membership renewal
Please note, until the end of march all membership renewals & new members, contact Dick Stephens, Spike or Sonny. Please do not send to Mike Ronan


AGM was held on Thursday 24th November 2005
The Committee has not changed with one exception it was decided to abolish the position of Events/Comp secretary.

Fees for 2006 were unanimously agreed and are as follows:-

Seniors / Adults    BMFA  26        Club    34    Total  60
OAP                    BMFA  26        Club    29    Total  55

Juniors                BMFA  14        Club    12    Total  26


Colin Bliss Models has a new website at
Colin has also offered a delivery service to club members.  Call him before close of business Tuesday and
he will bring your order to Benfleet that evening, he runs an indoor car racing meet there behind the council offices.


The bridge to Two Tree island is now open again
See you all bright and early, yeah right, about 9. 

The 2005 Annual General Meeting of SEMAS will be held on Thursday 24th November at
Leigh Motor-boat Club, Two Tree Island commencing at 8.00pm.
Parking space is available at the Club.  
The entrance to the Club is on the left just before crossing the bridge over the creek.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Meeting.

Yours sincerely

Michael Ronan

Hon.Sec. SEMAS

If you want to contact the Chairman you can do so by Emailing the Webmaster.


Bridge repairs
The bridge leading to Two Tree Island is now closed for repairs for 4 weeks.
Starting from Monday 16/10/05 the bridge will be closed off during working hours and up to 13:30 on Saturday.
Weekday flying will not be possible and if you want to fly Saturday morning you will need to be on the island before the Workmen start at about 7:30.
You can still walk over the bridge so if you want to carry your gear over there you can.  Yeah, thought not.  :-)

Message from the Chairman, "Meeting with BMFA was very amicable.".